Lightzy's story :3

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Lightzy's story :3

Post  goodlucklight on Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:32 am

Hi guys! This story is about Lightzy (fan-made light). Enjoy =]
One day, Lightzy went to a museum and looked at art, she saw the most prettiest drawing ever. It was the prettiest thing she ever saw. She wanted to take it home, she asked the manager if she could take it home, or even a copy. But the manager said "No, there are no copies and you CANNOT bring it home, I suggest you just look at it than take it." So Lightzy went off to look at other art, but it wasn't pretty as the drawing she saw. Lightzy went home after 3 hours. She ate her dinner and slept. She had an AMAZING dream! She was in the drawing playing with other art. But then, a huge storm came, everything went white because it rained and there was thunder. The drawing was destroyed. She was very sad. Then she heard something, an alarm clock. She woke up from the dream and said "At least it was just a dream." She ate her breakfast, which was chicken barbecue and rice. She went to the museum, the same one where she saw the drawing. But the drawing was gone, she was so sad. She asked the manager "Where is the drawing?" The manager responded "It is in another section, go straight to the 'Drawings' section." Then she ran to the 'Drawings' section, she found the drawing, drew a copy of it actually 2 copies and placed 1 copy beside the drawing, with her signature on it, she walked away for lunch.

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