Light Fury (STORIE)

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Light Fury (STORIE)

Post  CrazeeCoconut on Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:04 am

A swift breeze blew on the fur of a very pretty flame-colored cat. The moon stood still as the stars shined down on her. A golden tabby came to her and murmered," Ashlynn, its just another day of leaf-bare,". Ashlynn looked up at the sky and thought, leading a clan is hard work. " We better make sure greencough wont get in the camp this year." The golden tabby continued. Her paws were as orange as the rising sun. "Sparky, lets just hope that no sparks would die, and no trouble would come from the other clans." said Ashlynn. Ashlynn closed her beautiful golden eyes and quickly floated away in deep sleep.

Suddenly, she felt she was near the Tree of Life and saw someone approaching her. She saw a blue-gray cat walking toward her. " Lily," Ashlynn muttered. "Ashlynn, I have a message for you," meowed Lily. "The forest is in danger," Lily whispered. Ashlynn looked up at Lily with a mysterious look. "Midnight Rises As The Stars Shine Down on a Hero." Whispered Lily.
Yoo Continue it Below ^.^

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