Three Way Tie sample, chapter 1

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Three Way Tie sample, chapter 1 Empty Three Way Tie sample, chapter 1

Post  SlightlyBurntToast on Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:29 pm

This was written by me, Slightly Burnt Toast. Im new to Light Clan. This is just a sample of a book I wrote Smile


The first soccer tournament I ever won was the day my fish died. Trophey clutched in hands, I ran to my room to place it there, in the spot my father had built for something else. At first, when I was three or four, I used it to place my Littlest Pet Shop playsets, since it was a pretty big spot. When I turned six, however, and began to play soccer, I told myself, " If I ever win a tournament, I'm going to put that big, shiny trophey right here", and threw my Littlest Pet Shop toys on the ground. A few minutes later, my mother walked into the room and stepped on the pointiest one - the snake. It got stuck there and we had to go to the emergency room, where I got a lollipop. When my mom walked in, foot okay, she tried to give me a hug and the lollipop landed on her nose and stuck there. I've avoided lollipops ever since.
After the "Placing of the Trophey" as my father calls it, I ran to my bike to go to the Purple Cow for a few " Victory Shakes" with my team. The Purple Cow was a local place that served the best shakes you could ever tasted. This was awesome because my parents rarely let me have milkshakes, according to the fact I'm lactosintolerant and the medcine is hard to find, probably because the nearest Doctors' office is an hour away. The shakes were awesome, as usual, and soon enough I was back on my bike with a satisfied stomach and a smile on my face.
When I came back to my house, Mom and dad had a sad look on their faces. "I wonder what happened", I thought to myself. "Maybe some distant relative died?"
"Sweetie", Mom said. "We have some bad news."
"It's about your fish", Dad added.
"Is he sick again?" I said, boredly.
"No", Mom said, a little bit choked up. "He's...Dead.
Your now probably wondering why someone would get so worked up over a fish. Well, This fish was basically my best friend in third grade, before I moved. Everyone thought I was a weirdo, and the only reason I didn't break down every day was because of that fish. Gerald was his name, which is a pretty strange name for a fish, but I loved him like a brother. The thought that he was dead was kind of overwhelming.
Okay, I'm going to end it here. Post comments please!
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