Lynnsha's Story

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Lynnsha's Story

Post  xXLynnshaXx on Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:54 pm

It was a dark night, the light's were all sleeping but Ashlynn was awake, staring at the stars. She decided to take a walk in the night. She walked towards the door and passed a mirror, then she suddenly stopped, and turned to look. Her colors were mixed! Suddenly the mirror started swirling into many colors, Ashlynn reached out to touch it. But instead found her hand go right through it! She was curious so she steppd right in. There, she saw the cat she saw in the mirror!
'Hi!, I'm Lynnsha! I've been working on different worlds for ages now! I've finally done!" Lynnsha continued babbling about different worlds and universes, Ashlynn was still shocked by finding her
'Other self'. "I am the leader of Glith Clan" Lynnsha says proudly. Ashlynn replid, " Well i am the leader of Light Clan and Glitch clan is a pretty weird name how'd you..." "Let me take a short visit to your world! Please Ashlynn!" Ashlynn agreed and they both stepped into the mirror. Just as both of them stepped in, Sparky was sleep walking and sleep eating! One of her cookies fell on the ground and she slipped on it. Causing her to bump in to the mirror and smash it! The mirror's swirling coloring patterns went into Lynnsha's shirt. "Oh no! I can never get back to my world! The Portal is locked!" Lynnsha exclaimed. "You'll have to stay here? Are you okay with that?" Ashlynn asked. "Yeah ill have to stay here, but think of what fun it will be! Its like meeting the same people all over again!"

So Thats How I Lynnsha Came To be Smile

Please give me tips on how to improve, im not that talented in story writing xD Razz
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