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Ok, so this is really poorly written, as it was a school project, but I thought you might enjoy the failness ^^
So... ENJOY! Razz

Sunlight and Illusive Light were walking down a path covered in red stones. They were on their way to Sword-fighting practice, which was taught by Ashlynn and her twin sister Sparkz. Illusive and Sunlight were talking to each other and walking slowly along, drinking in the rays of warmth cast down by the bright morning sun. Suddenly, they heard the sound of clanging metal. They looked up and realized that Sparkz and Ashlynn were already at the Training Grounds working hard. Ashlynn heard Illusive and Sunlight walking towards the Grounds and looked up.
“Hey, Sunny! Hey Illusive! What took ya’ll so long?”
“We’re on time,” Sunny said, slightly annoyed but quietly laughing.
“Well we’ve been here since dawn.” Sparkz said, rolling her eyes at Ashlynn.
Ashlynn grinned. “I woke her up and dragged her here.” Illusive and Sunlight laughed, got out their swords, and began work. Sunny was practicing fighting against Ashlynn, and Illusive was with Sparkz. After a few hours, they got tired and took a lunch break. They set their things down on the ground and walked into the cabin near the Training Grounds. They got some sandwiches and lemonade and sat down to eat at a giant pine table. About in the middle of Lunch, Sparkz started to turn slightly pale.
Ashlynn looked worriedly at her sister. “Sparky, are you alright?”
Sparkz looked up suddenly. “Um… I don’t feel very well. Is it ok if I go home now? You can stay and keep practicing.”
“Sure, Sparky. Feel better!” Ashlynn grinned, hugging her twin. Illusive and Sunlight waved as Sparky walked out the door.

Ashlynn was the first to finish her lunch. She quickly went back outside to continue with her training. A few moments later, Illusive and Sunlight heard a shriek. They rushed outside to see what had happened. Ashlynn was standing with her back turned to them, staring at the spot where their stuff had been.
“My sword is gone!” She gasped. Ashlynn’s sword was very special, for it was the very same sword that had belonged to Lily, a Good Spirit who had been killed by Mystery. Mystery was a Good Spirit who was a black cat. She knew many people didn’t trust her, so she ran away and was kidnapped by the Dark Spirits. They turned her into one of them and sent her to kill a Good Spirit who knew too much information. So one day, Mystery snuck into the Good Spirit’s palace, quietly crept up behind Lily, stole her sword, which turned black in Mystery’s hands, and stabbed Lily right there. Mystery then captured Lily’s departing soul, dropped the sword and left. The sword turned black and white and contained both good and bad powers after that, each fighting with each other in the sword, which would someday cause itself to explode. Ashlynn found it one day with Sparkz, and somehow managed to take the evil powers out of it. Then, the sword transformed into her own, with a pure white blade that read Light Shines Down in the Battle on one side, and on the other side simply Ashlynn. The hilt was gold with a yellow and orange star on it. It was one of Ashlynn’s most prized possessions, and it was very powerful. If it fell into the wrong hands the consequence could be disastrous, and the fact that it may have been stolen was very shocking. Illusive, Sunlight, and Ashlynn searched the area desperately, but they couldn’t find a trace of the sword.
“I wonder…” Illusive mumbled.
“You wonder what?” Ashlynn questioned.
“Well… do you think… Mystery could have taken the sword? I mean, she DOES want more power, and your sword is pretty powerful…” Illusive replied.
Ashlynn’s eyes widened. “I bet you’re right. Maybe I’ll check Inner Fort for more clues…” She immediately ran off in the direction of Inner Fort. Inner Fort used to be a place for people to stop, rest, and get supplies such as food and weapons, but the Dark Spirits took it over and placed the portal to their world in it. Now the sky was always dark and the place was very dangerous. Occasionally, though, some people would brave a trip inside…

Ashlynn wandered in the door of inner fort and looked around nervously. She slowly walked to the portal of the Dark Spirit world, closed her eyes tightly, and stepped through. She turned herself invisible and began to explore. As she walked along, she thought she heard voices. She followed the noise and found herself at the doorway of a meeting room. She peeked inside, and was startled at what she saw. It was some Dark Spirit, speaking with Sparkz.
“Why should I do this?” Sparkz asked softly.
“Your reward would be great.” The Dark Spirit replied.
“I see,” Sparkz replied, “Well, continue with what you were saying.” Ashlynn didn’t want to hear any more. She quickly ran home and sat on her bed, wondering what she should do, and what she had heard meant.

Late that night, after Ashlynn was already asleep, the front door creaked open. Ashlynn suddenly woke up and her bright golden eyes snapped open. She got up, peeked out her bedroom door and saw Sparkz sneaking in.
“Sparky, where have you been!?” Ashlynn asked, glaring at Sparkz.
“Um…” Sparkz mumbled, not sure how to answer.
Ashlynn rolled her eyes and went back to sleep. Sparkz quietly got into bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Ashlynn woke up to the sound of Sparkz sleep-talking. She walked over to Sparkz’ bed and shook her. Sparky groaned and sat up.
“What time is it?” She asked sleepily.
“It’s 8:30. Get up.” Ashlynn replied. Sparky rolled out of bed and the girls walked to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

After breakfast, Ashlynn went outside and walked down to the Training Grounds to look around more. After some time, she noticed something she hadn’t seen before. A black, goopy substance on the ground.
“Why is there Darkness on the ground…?” Ashlynn whispered to herself. Darkness is the residue left behind by Dark Spirits, Demons, and other Shadow Creatures. Suddenly, Ashlynn heard the sound of footsteps coming up behind her. She turned and saw Sparkz.
“Ashy, it’s time for lunch… Come on, let’s go home.” Sparkz said quietly. Sparkz turned, and as she turned, Ashlynn thought she saw something on Sparkz’ hands. She grabbed Sparkz’ hand and looked at it closely.
“Sparky… why is there Darkness on your hands?!” Ashlynn asked, shocked.
“Uh… Um…” Sparkz stuttered, not sure how to answer.
Ashlynn sighed. “Never mind, let’s just go home.”

During lunch, Ashlynn thought about the recent events.
First, Sparky leaves Sword Fighting practice, saying she isn’t feeling well, and my sword goes missing. Ashlynn thought to herself. Then, the conversation in the Dark Spirit world… Then she comes home late and doesn’t seem to be sick at all. Now she has Darkness on her hands and there’s Darkness in the place where my sword was… Could Sparky have something to do with my sword’s disappearance? No, she would never do that… What if it WASN’T her? What if she’s being turned into a Dark Spirit-
Ashlynn’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a voice.
“Ashy, what’s wrong?” Sparkz asked, staring hard at Ashlynn.
“Um… nothing.” Ashlynn replied quietly, looking at the floor. She sighed and continued to eat her lunch.

When Ashlynn finished lunch, she wandered back to the Dark Spirit palace and began to look around. As she explored, she thought she heard Sparkz’ voice again. Ashlynn crept to the door of the meeting room, and sure enough, Sparkz was there speaking with the same Dark Spirit.
“…Disposing of her would help us quite a lot. Make your decision quick, we’re running out of time.” The Dark Spirit said in an impatient tone.
Sparky looked nervous. “Ok. I’ll do it.” She said decidedly. “But… don’t forget your promise.” She got up and ran out of the room. As Sparkz ran, Ashlynn grabbed her arm.
“What are you doing here?! I want an explanation.” Ashlynn said angrily.
“Look, I’ll explain later! Let’s just get out of here before they see you!” Sparkz replied, dragging Ashlynn out of the Portal. Once they had gotten away from the darkness of Inner Fort, they sat down on the grass.
“Now explain.” Ashlynn said, panting, “Why you keep going to the Dark Spirit world, why you had Darkness on your hands, and what you were talking about with that Dark Spirit.”
“Ashy… you wouldn’t get it. Look, I’m just…” Sparkz said.
“You’re just WHAT? Look, Sparky, I’m just… worried about you, and… and…” Ashlynn said.
“And what? You think I stole your sword!? I’m your sister, I would never do that.”
“I wasn’t going to mention that, but now that you said it, yes, I do think you stole my sword. Or at least have something to do with its disappearance.” Ashlynn replied.
“You don’t trust your own SISTER? Well, fine then! I was going to help you but now I won’t. You’re a terrible sister and a terrible friend, Ashlynn.” Sparkz yelled angrily.
“Sparky…” Ashlynn said, shocked.
“Don’t call me that!” Sparkz screamed, running away, and Ashlynn thought she saw tears in Sparkz’ eyes. Ashlynn sighed, got up, and started pacing. She had no idea where to look next, her sister hated her, and she was starting to become desperate. She decided to take one last look inside the dark spirit world, just in case she had missed something the other two times. She quietly snuck in, turned invisible, and crept along the dark hallways. Suddenly, a familiar voice floated down the hallway…
“Now that we’ve gotten the girl’s agreement, after she carries out the task we’ll just kill her and keep the sword for ourselves.” The voice, which was Mystery’s, said.
“You don’t think she could be of use to us, Ma’am?” The voice of the Dark Spirit that had been talking to Sparkz said.
“Her?” Mystery asked, laughing under her breath. “She’s worthless. She hinders our plan. She will die.”
“What if she does not carry out the task?” the Dark Spirit asked nervously.
“Then I will find Ashlynn and do it myself.” Mystery snapped.
“You don’t have to.” Ashlynn said, turning visible and stepping into the room.
“Oh, hello Ashlynn. You’ve walked into our little trap quite willingly. This saves me quite a lot of trouble. Now tell me, what are you doing here?” Mystery said calmly.
“What’s your little plan, and what are you going to do to Sparky?” Ashlynn demanded, flames leaping up inside her deep gold eyes.
“Oh, didn’t you know? She agreed to kill you on the promise she would get the sword after your death. Silly little girl, she should know - I don’t keep my promises. I intend to do away with her as soon as she carries out her little task.” Mystery grinned.
“She… she wouldn’t do that. She’s my sister.” Ashlynn said, although not as confidently as before.
“It’s a little something called Sibling Rivalry.” Mystery replied, rolling her eyes.
“Why do you want HER to do it? Why don’t you do it yourself? Are you worried you’ll fail like all those other times?” Ashlynn taunted.
“Oh, you would prefer I be your death instead of your sister so people won’t be mad at her? All right. You don’t have your sword, and none of your Lights seem to be shining around here. This will be easy.”
“Give me a sword and I’ll gladly fight you.” Ashlynn said.
“Bring it,” Hissed Mystery, tossing Ashlynn a black sword. It turned gold the moment it touched Ashlynn’s hand. The two girls walked to the sword fighting grounds, which were on top of a grassy hill near the Golden Wood and the garden where the Tree of Life was planted.
“Any rules?” Ashlynn asked, looking Mystery in the eyes.
“Nope.” Mystery replied.
“All right,” grinned Ashlynn. She began to glow, brighter and brighter until you couldn’t look at her without being blinded.
“Hey… hey, stop! That isn’t fair!” Mystery gasped, shielding her eyes.
“Anything goes, remember?” Ashlynn laughed, lunging with her sword. Mystery dodged and slashed at Ashlynn’s feet. Ashlynn jumped over Mystery’s sword and leapt over Mystery’s back. She then froze the ground and floated up above it.
“You seem to forget, I’m more powerful than you.” Ashlynn smiled confidently.
Mystery glared at her. “Stop hiding behind your powers. Come down here and fight me.”
“Fine, whatever you want,” said Ashlynn, rolling her eyes and landing gently on the ground. The sword fighting continued for quite a while, neither of the girls managing to hit the other, being pretty evenly matched in swordplay.
Suddenly, a voice called up from the bottom of the hill. “ASHY!” Shrieked Sparkz, for Sparkz it was. Ashlynn, startled, turned and looked at Sparkz, which gave Mystery a perfect chance. She swung, but Ashlynn ducked. Instead of slashing across Ashlynn’s neck, like Mystery intended, it simply cut Ashlynn’s arm. Even though it was only a small cut, Ashlynn fell to the ground.
“What is this…?” Ashlynn hissed angrily.
“Poison,” Mystery replied nonchalantly, “It’s got ice in it. Everyone knows a Fire Demon can’t stand too much cold. Soon, your blood will freeze and you’ll die.” Ashlynn was a Fire Spirit, which meant she was half Spirit and half Fire Demon. Her mother was a Good Spirit named Nevaeh who had married one of the good Fire Demons. Sadly, Ashlynn’s father had been killed in a war between the good and bad Fire Demons while Ashlynn was a small kitten, so the only world she knew as a child was the one of the Good Spirits. She had never been allowed in the world of the Fire Demons, because her mother was worried some of the evil Fire Demons would hurt Ashlynn.

Ashlynn sat in the grass, weakening from the Ice Poison. She knew she had lost, and after her death, terror and destruction would befall the beautiful world she lived in. She glared up at Mystery, who watched her with contempt. As Ashlynn laid in the grass, Sparkz ran up.
“Sparky… I’m sorry…” Ashlynn whispered.
“I know, it was stupid… I’m really sorry too.” Sparkz smiled.
“Aw, how sweet. Saying your final goodbyes?” Mystery laughed.
“How could you?” Sparkz asked, standing up. The flames in her red eyes danced with anger.
“Simple. I want you two out of the picture so I can have this world, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Mystery replied as if what she was saying should be totally obvious.
“I never intended to be in on your little plot. I lied just so I could see what you were doing. I see now that all I did was put Ashy in danger. Well, I intend to right that wrong right now.” Sparkz said, her eyes burning like coals. She snatched the sword from Ashlynn’s hand and leapt towards Mystery.
“Foolish girl. I know you’re not as good in a swordfight as Ashlynn or I. Now, two will die here instead of one.” Mystery said, a smile playing on her lips.
“You act as if you think this was some sort of game.” Sparkz said, lunging at Mystery.
Mystery ducked, then shrugged. “If it is indeed a game, I seem to be winning.” She then jabbed her sword forward, aiming for Sparkz’ chest, but Sparkz dodged it.
“There’s often a player who comes up from behind and wins,” Sparkz grinned. “And this time, that will be me.” Without realizing it, her eyes had begun to glow. The flame inside them became so bright that simply looking at her would hurt. Then, something strange happened. The glow from Sparkz’ eyes began to dissolve the shadowy, smoky form of Mystery.
“You seem to have won this time,” Mystery hissed, “But you will see me again. Your days are numbered. And I’d like to see how you lead a clan without Ashlynn to help you.” With that, Mystery vanished, retreating back to some dark corner of the Dark Spirit’s world. As Sparkz’ anger left her, the glow in her eyes faded.
She kneeled down next to her dying sister. “Ashy, I am so, so sorry…”
“It wasn’t your fault. Really.” Ashlynn smiled weakly.
“Yes, it is. I… I did take your sword. You know how sometimes I see the future? I sort of saw this coming… Not this part, the part about them wanting to steal your sword. But instead of telling you, I took your sword. I thought I could trick them, and prevent anything bad from happening.” Sparkz said, tears trickling down her face. She took off her backpack and took Ashlynn’s sword out of it. She laid the sword next to Ashlynn, and it began to glow faintly. Then Sparkz took a first aid kit out of her backpack, washed the golden blood off Ashlynn’s wound, and wrapped a bandage around it. Ashlynn was shivering, and her eyes were dim.
“Please, please don’t die! Please… I need you.” Sparkz whispered.
“You’re an amazing friend, Sparky. I know you’ll do fine. I have faith in you.” Ashlynn smiled. Then, her body went limp.
The poison had done its work.

Ashlynn slowly opened her eyes and sat up. For a moment, she couldn’t remember where she was or what had happened. Suddenly, all the memories of the day hit her. She was sitting on the sword fighting hill, and the sky was beginning to glow with sunset. She sat up slowly, rubbing her wounded arm, and looked around. Suddenly, something caught her eye. Her sister was laying next to her, breathing hard, her eyes closed.
“Sparky… Sparky… why…” Ashlynn whispered sadly.
“I couldn’t let you die,” Sparkz replied weakly, “So I gave you my Light. Light Clan needs you more than me.”
“But… Sparky, I need you!” Ashlynn said, an unwanted tear running down her cheek.
“Ashy… please. Just leave…” Sparky said, her eyes growing dim.
“No.” Ashlynn said decidedly, putting her hand on Sparkz’ arm. Sparkz pushed it off.
“I won’t let you die for me.” Sparkz said.
“Well, too bad.” Ashlynn replied, placing her hand back on Sparkz’ arm. “Fine. I won’t give you all my Light. Just… half. Is that good enough for you?” Ashlynn said, rolling her eyes. Her hand began to glow, brighter and brighter, then it faded away just as fast as it had started.
Sparkz sat up. “…You sure you’re gonna be ok, Ashy?”
Ashlynn nodded. “We’ll both be a little weak for a while, but that’s all right. While we’re regaining our strength, we can figure out how to get revenge!”
Sparkz giggled, then yawned. “For now, let’s just figure out how soon we can get to bed.”
“Good idea.” Ashlynn laughed. The two girls got up and walked home.

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Hi Ashy! Can i be on your next story please? It would be an honor if I was in it!
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