Animal Jam Story

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Animal Jam Story

Post  goodlucklight on Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:00 am

It's with failness! ENJOY!

"One day Good Luck Light was walking to the woods, she saw a strange portal there. She went in and she had turned into a wildcat! She was surprised! She saw wolves, bunnies, elephants, seals, and other wildcats! She even saw monkeys! She saw pandas too! She saw a strange looking statue in the center of the place. She asked a wolf what this place was called, "This is Jamaa and that is Mira, she is the one who made Jamaa." Good Luck Light was very confused now because her name had changed into Victory Spiritclaws now.Once she got used to it, she played lots of games, traded with people, and started to buy clothes. She saw a campfire and started to dance beside it. Then she saw the spirit of Mira. The shaman was surprised, she said "Is that Mira? Is that her spirit?" Victory Spiritclaws said "Yes ma'am, why?" The shaman said "The spirit of Mira has appeared... You must be one of the Chosen Ones..." Victory Spiritclaws said "No, you must be looking for someone else." The shaman said "If Mira appears at the campfire when someone dances, he or she is one of the Chosen Ones.." Mira said something to Victory Spiritclaws "What she says is right young one..." Then Mira disappeared into the ground. Victory Spiritclaws gasped and ran to her house. She wondered "Am I really one of the Chosen Ones?" Victory Spiritclaws had a feeling that something bad will happen. A terrible storm came to Jamaa and they went on boats because a flood was coming. Victory Spiritpaws sensed a terrible thing, someone was going to die... A cry was heard. A young wolf was crying because his mother was dead. She had died because she had pain in her head.. All the animals were worried. Mira appeared to all the animals, she said "Do not fear, we have heroes among us... Baron Bravewolf, Victory Spiritclaws, Daredevil Strongninja, Sparkle Arcticbelle, and Snowflake Wingedbeast." All the animals rejoiced while Victory Spiritclaws was nervous. Baron Bravewolf saved them by giving them food, Daredevil Strongninja helped them by calming them, Sparkle Articbelle helped by nursing them, Snowflake Wingedbeast calmed the wind, and Victory Spiritclaws stopped the rain and dried the water. The animals were saved! They rejoiced and danced! Mira said "Good job everyone! You all did a good job!" All of the animals started planting trees and other plants, some of them made food, others purified the water, and they all did everything to make Jamaa good as new. The End."

Thanks for reading this story!!!
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