Light Clan! The story! Chapter 1

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Light Clan! The story! Chapter 1

Post  Island-Lightland on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:23 pm

Once upon a time on a foggy and snowy day, Ashlynn, The little kitten was born. Her mom, Questia was so happy she was such a pretty girl. Her dad, Cuitin ( Sue-Tin ) on the other hand, Thought she was going to be a boy and threatened to name her Landon. Her mom disagreed. Ashlynn opened her eyes and surprisingly, said her first word and it was ' Sword ' On that hand, Cuitin thought " Oh no.. She knows about that sword of Mystery's. " 12 years later, Ashlynn turned twelve. Her mom said " Ashlynn, What do you want to do today? "
Ashlynn said " I want to get the sword that Mystery left in the InnerFort's BattleGrounds. " Questia said " Okay, Do you want me to come with you? " Ashlynn said " No, I know where to go. " Ashlynn walked into LeafFloor's forest. She came out to a place that had one big yellow road and alot of plants. It was beautiful. Then she saw a yellow bubble coming towards her. The bubble popped and a girl that looked like her, It wasn't HER, But, she had the same type of clothes on ( Ragedy clothes ). She said she was Sparkz. People call her Sparky, or Sparkz. They followed the Yellow Road. Then, She saw a yellow tin girl in the grass. She was stuck. Sparkz gave her oil. The Yellow Tin Girl said " Thanks for the oil, I'm Lightland by the way. " Sparkz said " No problem, Anything else? " Lightland said " Yes, I need a heart. " Ashlynn said '' Mystery's sword will give you a heart, Come on! " Lightland, Sparkz, And Ashlynn walked on. They found a Cowardly lion. The Cowardly Lion said " Hello! I am Glimmering. ( Light ) And i need Courage. Ashlynn said " Mystery's sword will give you courage! Just join on in! Glimmering, Lightland, Sparkz, And Ashlynn walked on. They found the inner fort. They went into the battlegrounds. Ashlynn found the sword. Ashlynn said " Okay, Time for the.." Sparkz said " WAIT! I need something. " Ashlynn said " What, Sparkz? " Sparkz said " I need the power to believe and to have friends. " Ashlynn said " Okay. " Ashlynn gaved everyone what they needed. Then, Mystery walked up. Mystery said " Well, Well, Well. Who do we have here? " Ashlynn glared at Mystery. Ashlynn said " Oh nothing. Just the best clan in town. Light clan. " Mystery said " Nah, Dark Spirit clan is way better. " Ashlynn said " Okay, Let's battle to see who is better.

Author's Note: Okay, This was Chapter 1 of Light Clan! The story. I hope you enjoy!

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