I need to clear things out.

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I need to clear things out. Empty I need to clear things out.

Post  Octobεr Lighτ on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:35 am

Okay, first of all, people have been posing as me, Midnight Light. I am the ORIGINAL one, not a poser. On our chat, there has been a person who poses as me. And I get accused of posing as whoever is acting like me. I don't feel like naming names, but I must.

The person who has been accusing me is: xoxoMusicxoxo (Forgiven)
The person who has been posing as me is: City Lights (Amypond2479)

My name on the chat is [now] Michelle/Aqua/Mystic. On chat, Good Luck Light has been defending me, but it is no use.

My point is, I AM the real Midnight.
If other people tell you I'm not, they're lying. If you need proof, make them go to their house and teleport to them. If the estate has more than 1 occupied house or has a doodle that is not named 'Tricky', you've got the wrong toon. The same goes with Michelle, but check her doodle. If it's not 'Zowie', that's TOTALLY fake. Just if your asking, "But she has 34 laff!! A toon can easily get up to that!", wrong, I have 38 laff due to a membership glitch. That extra 4 laff came from tasks and gardening. And I'm serious. If I need to post my other toons, I would, but they don't link to Light Clan.

Ashlynn, PLEASE deal with this as soon as you can. (Btw, get active on Toontown Central Forums!)

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I need to clear things out. Empty Re: I need to clear things out.

Post  Guest on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:43 am

The only reason i said your posing as midnight light is because i thought you was city lights.
Someone has the same name and icon as you on it. And it wasnt you.
Thats why i said that Your posing as Midnight light but someone was posing as you. There xat user:Amypond2479, Amypond2479 is a liar.
She is city lights.
idk who the Midnight_Light was anyway.


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