Trip Annoucment! ( For me.. :P. )

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Trip Annoucment! ( For me.. :P. )

Post  Island-Lightland on Sat May 07, 2011 7:46 pm

I will be going on vacation Sunday, June 12. I will not be back till June 16. I will be on toontown, But i will not be going on chat, or forum, So please do not host any parties or special events on chat or forum. Please. I will not be on once a day. I will be out having fun, So, Ashy, This will ruin my be on once a day record. Please do not count it. This is a really excited moment for me, So, I can't be on toontown all day. Im going to have fun. I might be on one day or even two, Or none. So i don't know.

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