Flame Tigers - A Poem for school :D

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Flame Tigers - A Poem for school :D

Post  Ashlynn on Fri May 13, 2011 10:28 am

Heyy! So, I wrote a poem for school and I thought I'd post it here. It's about Flame Tigers (Yes, the breed I made up Razz)

Flame Tigers

Flying through the night
Lest darkness does bite
Always energetic, uncontrollable, and wild
Making forest fires seem mild
Everlasting light and flame

Treating every day like a game
Into golden forests they race
Giving their prey quite a chase
Each morning when the sun rises, bringing dawn
Running off, they’re going, going, going… gone.


"I have spent my life weaving the rainbow, treating light like a piece of embroidery."
~Claude Monet

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