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See Me Smile

Post  Misuto on Wed May 18, 2011 6:56 pm

join u sparkz >:c joiiin the story.

"Shiloh!" Nikki runs over to me and I look at her, staring with no movements except the movement of my feet as I walk down the block with her. Nikki takes out her NoteBook and starts typing quickly. "Didn't finish that essay, huh?" I say and laugh under my breath. Without turning to me, she nods and continues typing on the keyboard. "I know it looks like I was careless with it,"-- I nod and laugh at this--"But I fell asleep in the car home. We had went to another 'special' dinner at the Pines." I cough at her words. going to the Pines was a treat for everyone. Nikki had been there so long people put love notes in her bookbag in hopes she'd take these people along with her to a dinner at the Pines, but only one person would get the privilage to do that.
Me. Why? Because I was her best friend in all of school history. We met on a day she almost got killed. I had saved her and-- Oh, that's another story. Either way, Nikki and I were not only the best treated in classed, but also the most popular and the most smart. The only thing about me was,
It was rare to see me smile.
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