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Post  ☼ Silver Starlight ☼ on Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:19 am

Hi people! I was wondering, where do you guys chat, and the new forum & site...? I'm Suki by the way: Silver Starlight. I haven't been talking to your guy from a while, 5 months exactly and I can't contact any of you >O<' My Light toon, well my whole account was infected and well I'm trying to get FD to help me, but the are so selfish. Tc,tc,tc. Please help me out here. You could like send me a PM, because I'm pretty sure some hackers are stalking this forum, so it wouldn't be the best telling private information on comments. (I'll also delete the PM when I read it.) And by the way: Voxli isn't working and it's bugged with A BUNCH of 505 errors, I think it got un-licensed, I don't know really, but yeah. HELP ME OUT DX! And lastly: Thanks...!!! Very Happy Sorry if I'm really embarrassed that I left myself out of the clan like that + sad... Embarassed

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